Announcing the 20th year anniversary of The LEX Group! The national recognition of the legal community is a testament to our rules knowledge, unparalleled professionalism, and exceptional service. Attorneys, Clerks, and even Judges have praised our work time and again. Our Court Summaries are used in law schools and firms as reference guides and instructional tools to the appellate process. The continual support and trust of our clients is the foundation for our success. We are humbled by the praise we receive from them and their referrals are further testament that we are consistently meeting and exceeding their expectations. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and add your firm to our client list.

“I file appellate briefs for a living, and I wouldn’t think of doing so without The Lex Group. I always get timely, professional help from people who know the business and know the rules.  And by enabling me to file self-contained, fully-hyperlinked CD-ROMs along with the paper copies of my briefs, they’re ensuring that we’re not just staying ahead of the curve; we’re drawing it.”

  1. Steven Emmert


 “I wish to commend to your attention the outstanding efforts of [the LEX Group] in assisting me on an appeal from the US Court of Federal Claims to the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals.  This is my first time appeal to this particular federal appellate court.

By the way of background, I’ve been a lawyer for 35 years and I’m 67 years old. While I’ve tried to keep up with technology, I have to admit my prowess leaves much to be desired.  Meanwhile…in my opinion the Federal Circuit has by far the most demanding, complex, at times indecipherable and extremely “picky” local rules. When I first undertook this appeal I planned to do so myself and therefore carefully studied both the federal appellate and the Federal Circuit local rules.

I was appalled! It became clear to me I need professional assistance with the administrative aspects of this appeal.  I also concluded the cost to my client would not cost them money, it would save them money to say nothing of making the appeal go more smoothly.

We are the “home stretch” of this appeal. We have filed our initial brief, the other side has filed its brief, and we have filed out reply brief.  The joint appendix was filed today.  I want you to know I was thoroughly impressed by the attention to detail, professionalism, hard work and excellent knowledge of the rules and court clerk requirements. The result was that both of our briefs were done right the first time and accepted by the court without complaint, as was the appendix.”

Edward M. Lavin, Attorney
Colonel, USAF, Retired


“Thanks to [the LEX group]…You made a harried process so much smoother.”



“Wonderful! I must applaud you on your turnaround and how quickly you respond to my emails. I wish all vendors that we work with would take note.”



“Excellent. I am very glad that I made the smart decision to work with Lex on this appeal.  Thanks for all your help”

Robert B. Levin


“As always, I can’t express enough my gratitude to you and your company for continually helping me out when I’m in an appellate filing bind (which seems to happen a lot). I know I’ve said it before, but I truly do appreciate everything you do.  Please extend my and my law firm’s gratitude to your staff.”

Jon P. Carroll


“The staff at the Lex Group delivered prompt and efficient service and were extremely responsive, often responding within minutes of receiving my e-mail. They took the hassle out of filing and let me focus on writing the brief. I will use them again.”

Amanda C. Padula-Wilson


“Congrats for the 20 years.  Thanks for terrific work.”

  1. Michael McGuinness
    Attorney at Law